Cage diving with Sharks

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Welcome to an activity which make the idiom “getting the shudders” sound silly, for this sport or activity whatever you call it, is something which will give the chills. Yes, it is called ‘Cage diving with Sharks’ and mostly the Sharks are ‘Great Whites’ which is enough to put a lump in your mouth and your stomach.

This activity is done essentially by lowering a person wearing a Scuba diving gear in a shark proof cage which is an extremely strong metal cage. Once in the water the diver, safely examines dangerous types of sharks up close, such as the Great White shark or Bull Sharks. These special cages are built to withstand being rammed by large, powerful sharks. The cages provide a visual and tactile deterrent to sharks. This activity allows people to get very close to Sharks and feel the goose bumps brimming in their bodies. It is a very thrilling experience and people who have done it, feel like having experienced something very scary yet after it’s over you would feel courageous. It is also educational as when you are face to face with one of the most ferocious beasts of the sea, you observe them intently and find out how misunderstood they are.

This activity has become a rage of sorts and suddenly a lot of tourists have started going to exotic places specially to partake in it. Some places that offer this in galore are in Hawaii Islands, South Africa, Bahamas etc. to name a few. These destinations have always been known for their magnificent beaches and now more so for their Sharks that they offer. Experience this phenomenal breath taking activity at least once in your life, and I assure you, you will be liberated. All thanks to the ‘beasts with teeth’s’.

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